I Have a Twin!!!

I met my Anthropomorphic Twin!!! The tides brought us together @ the Full Moon Drum Circle at Aliso Beach in Laguna where we celebrated the changing moon cycle. Under the bright moonlight we danced around the bonfire to the beat of many drums and we watched fire spinners spin fire while hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

My twin claimed the identity of a “Furry” who was dressed as a wolf. He taught me that a Furry is a human who morphs into a spirit animal of their choosing when they put on a furry animal costume. They live much of their lives as this human/animal character and there is a large enough sub-culture that they have their own conventions where they can network with other furry animal people. Wolfie was all white with fading gray accents. He had darker gray on his ears, a gray nose bridge patch, and a gray tail, just like me! My human mom bff wanted to know where he got his costume and he told us that he had it custom tailored. It was a custom-made wolf costume to look just like Georgie Kitty. I must be one handsome cat wolf. Meow. Ruff.


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